Marilyn Monroe | 03/30/16

POP Experience to Create a Global Marilyn Monroe Exhibition

POP Experience, Las Vegas-based experiential entertainment company today announces a strategic partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), owner of a global portfolio of fashion, sports, celebrity and entertainment brands, to create an interactive, multi-media touring exhibition showcasing the original Hollywood pop culture icon, Marilyn Monroe.

“Marilyn Monroe is globally recognized as one of the most famous female celebrities of all time. Her unique blend of beauty, talent and humor has an enormous influence on pop culture, resonating with millennials who make up nearly eighty-five percent of her fan base,” said Katie Jones, Vice President of Celebrity and Entertainment, ABG, owner of the estate. “We are thrilled to partner with POP Experience to connect Marilyn with global audiences.”

The POP Marilyn Experience is being curated for a broad audience – from the most avid fans to newcomers. The highly interactive experience will provide a brand new look into Marilyn Monroe’s life, telling the story of how she became one of the world’s most famous female celebrities and why she continues to resonate in the modern, digital age.

The exhibition will be realized by POP Experience’s Creative Director, former Imagineer and award-winning transmedia producer,Susan Bonds, co-founder and CEO of Burbank-based, 42 Entertainment, a pioneering leader of blending digital, storytelling, and gameplay to create connected immersive experiences. This unique blend of creativity and technology that people use every day allows personalized access and agency into Marilyn’s life.

Audience participation is key to the POP Marilyn Experience, which will allow them to walk in Marilyn’s shoes through intimate experiential content and hands-on interactivity. Combining thought provoking art installations with spectacular design and 21stcentury light and sound, the exhibition will forge a groundbreaking and lasting impression, outside the scope of a traditional museum exhibit.

Jordan Fiksenbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of POP Experience, added “this will not be just another passive museum experience, but instead, a highly personal one, where visitors will be transported into another world. We want people to live the moments of Marilyn’s life—to see, touch and feel. Get ready for something revolutionary.”

With a vast assemblage of rare and many never-before-seen large format photos, a cinema space showcasing films, excerpts and clips from live appearances, original works by famed artists, annotated scripts, movie props and set pieces, home furnishings and artwork from her estate, personal letters and much more, the POP Marilyn Experience will showcase both the public, personal and very private life of the glamorous film star.

More details about the POP Marilyn Experience, including the launch date, city and venue will be announced later in 2016.