Hickey Freeman | 06/26/14

Hickey Freeman Revamps N.Y. Store

NEW YORK — “It’s a celebration of American artisanship.”

That’s the way Doug Williams, chief executive officer of W Diamond Group, described the revamped and reenergized Hickey Freeman store whose long-awaited renovation was completed late Sunday night. “We started this process in 2011, then with the HMX bankruptcy, it was put on hold. But as soon as W Diamond acquired the assets, we started back up again,” he said.

Last fall, Grano Retail Holdings, parent company of Montreal-based Samuelsohn, finalized its acquisi- tion of all the tangible assets of the Hickey Freeman brand, includ- ing its factory in Rochester, from W Diamond Group. However, W Diamond retained ownership of the retail store. Williams was the former ceo of HMX Group. HF Store 6.26.14